We evaluate all business processes to find the errors and rank all processes according to degree of their importance and impact on financial result.

Audit of gambling business

Audit and optimization of business processes

Structure of business processes optimization:

  • Audit of business processes
  • Optimization of business processes and improvement if their effectiveness

Implementation of changes in business processes

Implementation of changes in business processes in gambling

The main rate of your company’s effectiveness in gambling business is permanent stream of clients and gross income. After some time effectiveness may decrease.

  • Unnecessary operations and procedures appear, current procedures become outdated
  • Departments start to duplicate work of each other
  • Management of company cannot analyze information required for rating current resources and its optimal usage


Possible effects of decrease of work effectiveness may be:

  • Inflating the staff and increase of its expenses
  • Unprofessional staff
  • Loss of lucrative and promising clients
  • Lowering of service level
  • etc

Optimization of business processes

Optimization of business processes is aimed at solving of problematic situations detected during the audit. Optimization of business processes let you:

  • to rise effectiveness of business processes
  • to optimize expenses
  • to create procedures for control of implementation of business processes
  • to rate results of business processes


You will see the next changes in your company’s work as a result of audit, optimization and implementation of changes in business processes:

  • Increase of rate in business processes and decrease of expenses related to its execution due to addressing of unnecessary duplications and operations
  • Increase of result quality provided by company through responsibility consolidation and interactions of all departments
  • Increase transparency of company’s operations for direction due to strict distinction of responsibilities, strenghtrn control, and loss decrease related to lack of control.
  • Loss decrease related to ineffective decisions, planning procedures and lack of coordination of business processes and among them.