Our partner company “Gamebridge” offers wide range of game tables, chairs and armchairs, chips, cards of world best producers, cloth of high quality for any types of game tables and full range of necessary accessories.


All tables are made in classic or modern style; they may be of different colors and decorations. We can produce tables on order! Our company has long experience and solid providers, we offer high quality and professional cloth with exclusive design and in any color.

  • Roulette table;
  • Tables for card games;
  • Tables for poker clubs;
  • Baccara tables;
  • Tables for Live Casino;
  • etc.


High quality, stylish tables, comfortable chairs and armchairs make create a good image for gambling facility. You may order any model of chair, necessary color of cloth, choose metal or wooden basis for chair frame. In order to highlight luxury of facility and make it easy recognizable, we can produce branded equipment.

  • Chairs for casino;
  • Chairs for poker clubs;
  • Chairs slot machine clubs;
  • etc.


Company “GameBridge” sales only reliable world known brands. We make 100% check for roulette wheels. Company tests wheels for workability and guarantee that they stay in proper condition after renovation. Professional team will help you to find your ideal option, choose form of hole, its partition size.

  • TCSJohnHuxley;
  • Dinaris;
  • GM.


The main attribute of game is chips, which serve as payment during game. This replacement of money complies with number on chips, or client defines monetary value of chips with croupier before game is started. Chips may be of different size, material, color, shape, decoration etc. You may order chips with color markers, image of denomination on edge or writing on its surface (upmarket class), stamped chips, monotonous chips, chips of octal shape for the highest denomination (upmarket class).

  • Chips for poker and casino with nomination;
  • Chips for roulette without nomination;
  • Chips for poker tournaments.


The most popular cards are of following brands: Bicycle, Modiano, Fournier, Dal Negro etc. Our managers will help you to choose cards according to your demands. The main characteristics and standards:

  • Material (plastic, demi plastic, cartoon);
  • Size (standard or enlarged);
  • Index color;
  • Card design, its logo.
  • Also we can produce branded cards.


Our managers will help you to choose necessary accessories for you facility to make it unique.

  • Accessories for casino;
  • Accessories for poker;
  • Other equipment.