When guest enters a facility, he starts to evaluate a level of casino and its respectability. Staff is highly important in gambling business. Well-dressed staff, of course. It means stylish, rich, beautiful, catchy. It is not a right decision to save money on the uniform for casino staff.

It is not so easy to find professionals who can create the ideal uniform for casino staff.

Each facility has its own corporate color, decoration and market share. These elements make whole conception that should be reflected in the uniform.

The style of the facility will be the guidance in all cases. Gambling facility is entertainment of premium level. Guests of such place are very picky. Classic  style and luxury are most appropriate. Different variants of dresses, shirts, blouses, pants and suits are possible depending on the concept of the facility and season (during the fests uniform may be more elegant and fascinating). But elegance and luxury are most preferable.

There is a quite big staff in casino. They are of different sex and position, and it should be considered when you develop uniform. It is impossible to make basic set, which will be common for different services, and just make it in all sizes. Let’s talk about different variants of uniform for casino staff.

  • Hostess. These employees meet guests. They are face of the place. You can make a conclusion about the level of the facility according to their look. In addition to strict demands to their appearance, you should not forget about appropriate cloth. They cannot choose a look for themselves in order not to break a whole concept. Elegant dresses and suits, classic skirts and blouses are the most appropriate uniform for hostess.
  • Waiters / waitresses. Dark classic pants, white shirts, black shoes are the most appropriate for men. It is good to add to look a bow tie or tie in corporate color. Elegant dresses, skirts and blouses, which accentuate figures, are chosen for girls.
  • Slot-machine attendant. Demands to the look of this staff are more loyal. Girls can dress up light dresses, blouses with skirts or pants of corporate color. It is preferable for men to dress classic pants, shirts with tie or bow tie.
  • Croupier. Many mistakes are done during development of their uniform. These mistakes may spoil impression about a place. Croupiers spend much more time than others with guests. Their cloth should always be impeccable all the time. Men may wear sets of black pants, shirt and vest. Necessary accessory is tie or bow tie. The color of sets and accessories is the only one for each croupier. Female croupiers have few variants of appropriate uniform. In the most countries of Europe, female croupiers wear elegant dresses. Sets of blouse, vest and skirts are popular too.
  • Pitt boss, manager. These employees have special status and it should be reflected in their look. Classic suits are the most preferable for them.

The concept of look and uniform is being developing for each facility. Tailors choose necessary materials and develop styles according to request of customer. Dress code became a common practice in the world. You should better have a dress code in your place in order to keep luxury image and atmosphere.